Eastbourne's Hidden Women

We think we know about Eastbourne. It is a seaside town reliant on tourists for its income during the summer; busy during the winter with the myriad of businesses that keep any town alive. In its 700 years what role did women play in Eastbourne both in its physical, social and cultural development? Discover here some of the extraordinary women who until now had their stories hidden.

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.....We want you to discover your own female ancestry and help us to tell more stories about the women who made a difference to the lives and dreams of those around them, we want this website to be a living history of the women who were important in your lives, so please get in touch with your own stories; e-mail us on info@wayfinderwoman.com, including your contact details.

Our earliest Woman of Influence is Mary Ann Gilbert born in 1776 our latest Elsie Edith Bowerman died in 1973. There were many others both before during and after. Each has a rich story to tell about their own challenges and achievements once you can get past the stories of their husbands or fathers or sons. For it is far easier to discover the tales of the men who shaped our heritage than of the women.

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Take a walking tour

Take a walk around Eastbourne and visit the sites associated with our Women of Influence. Most have been forgotten as you will only find one plaque to the artist Lucie Atwell who lived at Ocklynge Manor. Some buildings remain, others have been redeveloped over time so use your imagination and picture the life and times of each of these women.
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Teaching Packs for Schools

We have created these Teaching Packs for Schools, consisting of a short animated video and teaching notes. They provide an amusing introduction to the women and ask the question for each: if [x] was alive today what would she be doing now? Designed for careers advice, they can be used for a variety of topics.


Community Talks

WayfinderWoman is available for community talks in East Sussex, all year round, WI groups, Soroptomists, Lunch clubs etc. We offer Heritage

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A Common Cause

We took the Heritage project volunteers to London to see the new suffragette statue in Parliament Square and then a

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A Musical Celebration marking 100yrs of Suffrage

Wednesday May 9th saw us host a musical celebration of the centenary of votes for women at Christ Church in

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