Winifred Lady Peck

Winifred Lady Peck

1882 - 1962
On the death of her mother when she was nine, Winifred went to live with her aunt in Eastbourne and attended school there. She wrote over 20 novels.




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Winifred Lady Peck


Books by Winifred Lady Peck

    • The Court of a Saint, 1909

Twelve Birthdays, 1918

The Closing Gates, 1922

A Patchwork Tale, 1925
The King of Melido, 1927

A Change of Master, 1928

The Warrielaw Jewel, 1933

The Skirts of Time, 1935

The Skies are Falling, 1936

They Come, They Go, 1937

Coming Out, 1938

Let Me Go Back, 1940

A Garden Enclosed, 1941

Housebound, 1942

Tranquillity, 1943

There is a Fortress, 1945

Through Eastern Windows, 1947

Veiled Destinies, 1948

Arrest the Bishop, 1949

A Clear Dawn, 1949

Facing South, 1950

Unseen Array, 1951

Winding Ways, 1952

A Little Learning, 1952

Home for the Holidays, 1955

Bewildering Cares, 1940


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